Tick off these 8 qualities about yourself and you are ready to work in data science in 2019

2019 has just freshly hatched along with many many of our dreams and goals for it! There is plenty of expectations for advancements in data science and its related fields as well. Many of us are looking to get into this field, change jobs in it and are looking for exciting and challenging projects. Are you ready to take the jump?

1. I have a very curious mind.

2. I am an unapologetic, persistent learner.

3. I love working across teams.

4. I have a good foundation in statistics and math.

5. I can go days without sleep while programming in Python/R/SQL/SAS etc.

6. I can read algorithms like its poetry.

7. I understand and experiment with the design principles to visualize data.

8. I have a passion for telling stories with data.

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