4 Real Reasons Why You Must Learn Tableau

Yet another Valley product, Tableau was founded by 2003 by Chris Stolte and became an IPO in ten years later. Tableau has taken the data science world by the storm with its interactive visualizations. They also plan to integrate artificial intelligence to its platform in the future.

So why should you learn Tableau?

Data Visualization is Going to Stay

As data grows, we need to represent this data and its analysis visually. Tableau is a data visualization tool that can be easily presented to a non-technical audience. Tableau is a leader in data visualization and is far ahead of all its competitors including SAS, SAP, Qlik etc. according to Gartner. Its efforts to integrate AI will make it an even more sought after tool.

Ease of Learning

Tableau Public is a free software where you can create your visualizations and upload it to the cloud. Tableau is very easy to learn and extremely intuitive. It supports several graphs, charts, maps etc.

Connecting to Data Source

You can connect Tableau to many data sources from MS Excel to Web-based data to Big Data. If you need to perform intense analysis on Tableau you can also connect it to R.

High Demand in the Job Market

Tableau skills are highly valued in the job market while applying for positions like Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer etc. Tableau certifications and having a strong Tableau profile on Tableau Public can certainly add value to your profile.