13 Data Science, AI and Machine Learning Podcasts for the Very Busy You

We are often so busy with the family, the work, the friends, and the commute that it is difficult to get updated within the industry or get inspired by unique stuff that people are doing. Listening to Podcasts are a great way to get on with your life and get updated. Be it while you are cooking, commuting, cleaning or getting ready to go out. Put these babies on and you will learn and get your stuff done!

We have given you a list of the best data science and machine learning podcasts online and links to their websites. You can listen to them either on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud or wherever you get your Podcasts on the web.

The links direct towards their websites because the websites themselves provide a wealth of information that you can subscribe to. Have a look at these and listen to even their old episodes and you can learn a ton.

1. SuperDataScience by Kirill Eeremenko


2. TWiML & AI by Sam Charrington


3. Linear Digressions by Ben Jaffe and Katie Malone


4. Talking Machines by Tote Bag Productions


5. Artificial Intelligence in Industry with Dan Fagella


6. Data Stories by Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner


7. O’Reilly Data Show by O’Reilly Media


8. Concerning AI by Brandon Sanders and Ted Sarvata


9. Data Science at Home by Francesco Gadaleta


10. Learning Machines 101 by Richard M.Golden


11. IBM Analytics Insights by IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub


12. Machine Learning – Software Engineering Daily


13. Partially Derivative by Jonathon Morgon, Vidya Spandana, Chris Albon (This one is terminated but the archives are well worth the listen)


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