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We are a non-profit community of girls, women, and ladies in data science and business. We share what we have learned, talk about our journey be it a success story or a lesson learned or give each other a group hug or two when we need it.

She Drives Data is for women who want to inspire and get inspired by their work. As a contributor you can share with us what you have learned, your business insights, personal projects, your journey etc. and we will publish it. You can also join our growing community at the SHEROES app where we a lot of cool things happen.

Once you join as a contributor you can either be a ‘Regular Contributor’, who commits to submitting a story once in two weeks or a ‘Quasi Contributor’ who contributes whenever they wish to.

You can join the community by subscribing on our website, by joining SHEROES or by liking any of our social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram).

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