3 Things to Reflect on Before Beginning Anything

The beginning of beginnings is bittersweet. There is excitement, there is anxiety, there is the adrenalin rush, there is uncertainty and of course, there is overwhelmedness.

However, a little reflection and thought can get you not only towards the direction of the right path but even if you go on the wrong path, it will help you take it as a learning experience instead of seeing it as a bitter disappointment.

Let go of ego

The very first thing to do before beginning a new course, a project or meeting someone new, the first thing to do is to let go of the feeling that you are somebody.

You don’t know what is waiting for you. If you go in the beginning with the idea that you are this hotshot know-it-all you will not only miss out on a lot of great new learning experiences but also definitely piss off your team.

Look at the larger picture, take a long walk, look at the trees and the mountains or the Empire State Building or pictures of the Himalayas. There are bigger things than you. You are just a baby. And that’s the best part.

Do the next right thing

I quote Oprah a hundred times to myself every day. ‘Do the next right thing. Just the next right thing. When you are overwhelmed and uncertain, there is no better way to do things than taking baby steps.

When you don’t know where the end road is at or you just can’t see the whole at the moment, just do the next right thing. Things fall in place.

Tomorrow is another day

Scarlett O’Hara didn’t say that because she had it easy. Be patient. Be optimistic. You may have worked really hard but didn’t get anything done or you learned a bunch of stuff today but cannot be of service today.

Be patient. Be optimistic. Tomorrow is another day. You will get there.

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