The Doughnut Chart Explained by a Doughnut Addict

We all hate doughnuts right? They are sugary and they are fried, they sometimes have a creamy center, beautiful to look at and just one of those things in life to live for.

Another great thing about doughnuts is that they inspired the creation of doughnut charts, a variant of pie charts and higher up the evolution ladder in terms of structure.

Don’t judge me but I go to Dunkin’ Donuts every day have one of those fairy donuts. I work out really well and earn those if that will stop you from judging me. Anyways, I have tracked my donut habit this past two years. I checked the number of times I had my top 5 favorite Dunkin’ doughnuts in 2016 and 2017 and made a doughnut chart out of it!

Please download the entire workbook from the link given below.

Doughnut Chart Workbook

There are several things that we can notice in this chart that are different from pies.

  1. Multiple series are represented in the form of concentric rings. Because of this concentricity, the series represented by the outer rings may appear to be larger than the inner ones.
  2. Percentages are represented. Data points cannot be well represented using doughnut charts.
  3. There are no 0 value data points.
  4. There are less than 7 categories.
  5. Each category % is a part of the whole ring.